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February 1, 2024

S08 - E01

In the opening episode of Season 8, I sit down with Lindsey Kane Leaverton for a conversation that's as enlightening as it is heartening. We venture into her past as an evangelical on the Christian music touring circuit, unraveling the complex and often challenging experience of coming out as gay in such an environment. This journey leads us to her latest endeavor, the book "Not Another Self Help Book," aimed at aiding those grappling with loss, trauma, addiction, and stress.

Despite the gravity of our topics – from the struggle for acceptance within religious communities to finding one's path amidst backlash – our discussion is interspersed with moments of light-hearted humor, adding a unique depth to the conversation. Lindsey's insights into dealing with pain, the transformative power of empathy, and the gift of understanding one's own conflict and shame are truly illuminating.

Join us as Lindsey shares her personal experiences with marriage during COVID, her shift into wealth management, and the genesis of her book. We delve into the structure of her writing, the editing process, and her plans for her next book. Sit back and enjoy this engaging episode with Lindsey Kane Leaverton, where resilience meets revelation.

Her book can be found here

Photo of Lindsey Kane Leaverton

Lindsey Kane Leaverton


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