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A brief note on why this page exists: This should be a Wikipedia article but Wikipedia does not consider YouTube or blogs to be authoritative, even if they are written by the person in question, despite there being no better source of authoritative data than the source. Therefore, there is no objective way to write this page on Wikipedia without mass omissions of things that have occurred since much of what happened was on video, blogs, or websites of RSnake's own design. Also, Wikipedia heavily frowns on attempts to build one's own page even if that means massive amounts of background will largely be missed by whomever takes up the task. The idea is to be as objective as possible. However, one must ask, who could know a person's life better than the person of interest? Wikipedia doesn't have a concept of pre-seeding content, even if conflicts of interest are acknowledged upfront. Even still, in the spirit of what Wikipedia wants, the following is an attempt to make this page as neutral as possible for anyone who wants to dig into RSnake's background. To that end, there are omissions based on the fact that there are simply no reliable sources other than the content RSnake created himself.


Robert Hansen, also known as RSnake, is an American computer hacker, executive, and entrepreneur. He was the founder and CEO of SecTheory and was the co-founder of Bit Discovery after which he became the Deputy CTO of Tenable (NASDAQ:TENB). [1][33] He has previously worked at eBay, WhiteHat Security (now NTT),, Cable & Wireless plc America, ValueClick and Silicon Alchemy. He founded the web application security lab.


RSnake is most well known for his security research and disclosures such as Slowloris (computer security)Clickjacking, Fierce DNS enumeration tool, XSS filter evasion, DNS RebindingContent Security Policy and Python NaN Injection.

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