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May 21, 2022

RSnake gives a sobering look into the world of child sexual abuse, human trafficking, sexual slavery, vigilantes, how the law is failing victims, how big tech plays a role and more.

S02 - E01

May 30, 2022

RSnake sat down with Josh Castell, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is deeply concerned with a number of social issues that we explore. They discuss the current state of the advertising industry, and then delve into the timely topic of gun control in the wake of the Ulvalde school shooting.

S02 - E02

June 5, 2022

RSnake and Karim dive into his background in industrial espionage, explored the world of malware, and landed on a lot of the biggest issues with keeping people and companies safe online. If you're not familiar with this world, it may feel a bit alien but this is a great example of the kinds of conversation RSnake has wanted to make public since the podcast's inception.

S02 - E03

June 26, 2022

RSnake and Kelsey Kosmala of the Tantra Institute dive into a discussion around trauma, domestic abuse including sexual abuse, financial abuse and other variants of malicious control. They also talk about generational trauma and how it might even effect the minds of world leaders.

S02 - E04

July 8, 2022

RSnake and Jeremiah Grossman discuss the state of Information Security, how the industry seems to be allergic to change, how Jeremiah innovates in such a complex ecosystem, and where he sees things moving for security in the future.

S02 - E05

July 10, 2022

RSnake and Kinnan Golemon discuss Kinnan's background in lobbying for oil and gas, fracking, renewable energy sources, a move to electrical vehicles, nuclear power, and OPEC's role.

S02 - E06

July 18, 2022

Russ Bodnyk and RSnake dove into how Russ sees AI, machine learning and artificial general intelligence. They also talk about the ethics and dangers of an AI that passes the Turing test, even if it isn't actually intelligent.

S02 - E07

July 26, 2022

RSnake and Matt Mackowiak talked about Austin's Prop B and Save Austin Now, how homelessness impacts crime, business, pollution, and property value. They discuss the issues that police face when dealing with the homeless.

S02 - E08

August 4, 2022

John Robison and RSnake discuss how John grew up gay in Texas, the intolerance towards right wing views in Hollywood, how John reconciles being right wing with being gay, some of the shady characters that got caught up in the #metoo movement and how being gay has changed in John's lifetime.

S02 - E09

August 11, 2022

Whurley and RSnake talk about the perils of enterprenuership, how Whurley thinks about venture capital and fundrasing, startup mindset, startup misconceptions, startup mentorships and the recent valuation crash.

S02 - E10

August 18, 2022

Alex and RSnake discuss the Blackhat security conference, RSnake's interactions with hacking the Pentagon, how the press gets the military wrong, balkanization of the Internet and much more. Alex also discusses the issues around hiring talent in the military and how Alex deals with the stresses of a family life on top of keeping the nation safe.

S02 - E11


The second of many.

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