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September 15, 2022

For the inaugural episode of Season 3, RSnake sits down with Frank Artes. Frank is a former police officer, and a cyber security expert, and they dive right into several hot button controversies.

S03 - E01

September 22, 2022

RSnake covers Elijah's background in Hollywood, how he got into building experiences for companies, Google's actual business model, cost effective marketing campaigns as well as some of the shenanigans that lead to sharable content.

S03 - E02

September 29, 2022

Shot on location at the Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt Jono Alderson and RSnake discuss SEO, SEM and how search engines have evolved over the last few decades.

S03 - E03

October 6, 2022

James Flom and RSnake dig into the history of, SecTheory, and the incredible amount of attacks sustained.

S03 - E04

October 20, 2022

Jack Henneman and RSnake discuss the issues with identifying the truth of history, presentism, intellectual dishonesty and the increase in politicalization of the history profession.

S03 - E05

October 27, 2022

Eric and RSnake jump right into Eric's background in product management, how his feelings on it have evolved, the difference between waterfall and agile and how to work with project managers.

S03 - E06

November 3, 2022

Jake Moilanen discusses the economy, cryptocurrency, the future of a US digital dollar, hyperinflation, demonetization and more.

S03 - E07

November 10, 2022

Julie Korioth discusses mental health. Julie has a unique product designed to help people who are struggling.

S03 - E08

November 17, 2022

RSnake sits down with Curt-Simon Harlinghausen in Amsterdam, Netherlands to discuss M&A, positioning companies for sale, finding acquirers, setting and defending corporate valuations, and much more.

S03 - E09

November 24, 2022

Matt Domo and RSnake sit down to discuss Matt's storied background, from Microsoft, Amazon, Parallels, Rackspace, to running his own consultancy.

S03 - E10

December 1, 2022

For the season finale of Season 3, RSnake sat down with the producer of The RSnake Show, Chris Debiec, for a retrospective and a behind-the-scenes look into the show.

S03 - E11


The third of many.

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