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February 28, 2022

RSnake and Raymond discuss the topic of censorship and some of the lessons learned from social media mishaps. Raymond also discusses how ibble will be shaped by the policy failures of other companies, like Facebook and Twitter.

S01 - E01

March 1, 2022

RSnake and Jennifer spend the focus of the episode discussing the people's republic of China, the Uyghurs, Hong Kong, Taipei.

S01 - E02

March 2, 2022

Dr. Sheila Newsom MD discusses her transition in her 60s as well as topical issues in the transgender community and her boutique ketamine service.

S01 - E03

March 6, 2022

Dr. Leon Vanstone discusses space, hypersonic vehicles, rail guns, and space exploration. RSnake and Leon also talk about equitable math and how science evolves.

S01 - E04

March 15, 2022

Chris Debiec and RSnake sit down on location at SXSW to discuss media, Hollywood, gun handling issues, tax incentives and more.

S01 - E05

March 17, 2022

Grant Shaw sits down with RSnake to discuss the pending ATF legislation against his company, the second amendment, Hollywood's involvement in the epidemic of gun violence, mass shootings and much more.

S01 - E06

March 25, 2022

Charlie and RSnake discuss the distinction between AI/ML and AGI, the future of work, the weaponization of drones, attacking AI through bad seed-data, faster paths of bringing forth AGI, as well as the future of deepfakes.

S01 - E07

April 2, 2022

RSnake has a candid discussion with Andy, Chris and Dustin around how bills actually get written and passed, how they aim for bi-partisan support, the unintended consequences of bad legislation, the commerce clause of the US constitution, political action committees and more.

S01 - E08

April 6, 2022

RSnake discusses augmented reality and virtual reality with Alex and Tim Porter of Mod Tech Labs. The conversation includes technical issues with XR including user level issues such as superrealism. We also discussed some of more positive and encouraging use cases for AR/VR.

S01 - E09

April 20, 2022

RSnake takes on some meaty topics such as anarcho-capitalism, UBI, Keynesian vs Austrian economics, and the future of social media with Morgan Warstler.

S01 - E10


The first of many.

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